Bring Your Companion from Czech Escort Service to Lesser Town in Prague

Don’t mistake the Lesser Town of Prague as a place where everything is not at par compared to other impressive parts of the city. This place is actually among the most interesting parts of Prague because it is the part of Prague that did not have as much renovations. This simply means there are a good number of structures that were left untouched or were carefully reconstructed. The Lesser Town is found near Prague Castle. Established in 1257, many of its structures build after its establishment still stands today. You and your hot companion will definitely enjoy this place.

Nerudova Street

One of the most romantic streets in Prague and architecturally impressive, Nerudova Street is home to various structures that were build from various eras. The most popular structure is the House of Two Suns which used to be the home of poet Jan Neruda (the street was eventually named after him). What made this place really unique is that it still preserves the method on how a house can be identified during the medieval times. Neruda’s House of Two Suns is just an example. Other structures (that became museums, offices and hotels) also have unique names such as Red Eagle, Green Lobster and Golden Horseshoe.

Lesser Town Square

The idea that it’s a town square can actually be a misnomer. The developments made on this part of Lesser Town have transformed the Town Square into a full blown business and tourist center. The Town Hall, Lichtenstein Palace and the Stone Table House all surround the square. Stand in the middle of the town square and you’ll be able to see these structures without any problem. You’ll easily notice the difference of architecture especially the difference between Lichtenstein Palace and Stone Table House. 

Wallenstein Palace

Named after its builder, the palace’s size can easily rival Prague Castle in its size. It is said that more than 20 houses and three parks were destroyed just to make way for the palace. The best thing about Wallenstein Palace is that there are various “chambers” or stages that offer something different to tourists.  The structure was built during the 1600s and little reconstruction was made on the palace when it was completed. Today, Wallenstein Palace is used by the county’s senate. The place is also popular for its garden which is regarded as the best one when it was first unveiled to the public.

St Nicholas Church

Tourists will never miss this church when they visit the Lesser Town simply because of its sheer size. The earliest structure was built in 1273 but its current structure was known to have been completed in 1753. It is well known worldwide because of its adherence to the baroque architectural design. Aside from functioning as church, St. Nicholas Church is also one of the preferred stages for classical music performance.

Going out with your Czech escort would be more romantic when you go to this place. It’s one of the best places to visit that offers history, impressive architecture and picturesque setting.