Choosing the Right Walking Tour with a Czech Young Escort

A walking tour is the most popular activity for tourists in Prague. Although the city is relatively large, the interesting places or points of interest are within walking distance from each other. Tourists don’t have to ride a taxi just to jump from one historical structure to another. They should be able to learn more about the city without spending too much on transportation. Although you’re here to enjoy an erotic vacation with a hot escort from Prague, you can always try these walking tours.

But you don’t just randomly choose a walking tour. There are different types of tours in Prague so you have know which type of walking tour you want to experience.

District-Based Walking Tour

The most popular form of tour leads the tourists in a specific area of Prague. As already indicated, Prague is a relatively large city so a walking tour that will allow the tourist to visit all historical structures and districts is very tiring if not impossible. That is why tourists can choose a tour that will lead them either to the Old Town, Jewish Quarters, The Castle and other districts in the city.

Additional Activities with the Walking Tour

There are also walking tours in Prague that comes with additional activities. A good example is a walking tour with bikes. You’ll basically rent bikes and go on a bike tour but there are areas that do not need any bike ride so tourists walk. Another popular addition to the tour is the boat ride. This is perfect for you and your escort since you can enjoy walking to various historical places in Prague and take a glimpse of the city from a romantic boat. Although your escort might have seen this view before, she’ll surely like the idea of walking in the city and ending it with boat tour.

Special Tours in Prague

There are also special walking tours in Prague that would certainly interest many tourists:

Pub crawl – since Czech Republic is well known for their beer, a tour of some of the best pubs in the city is highly recommended. This is very interesting because this will show tourists the ability of various brewers in the country to come up with a unique and enjoyable beer flavors. It’s highly recommended for anyone who enjoys beer (which is practically every male tourist in Prague).

Haunted Places – if you like to challenge yourself and your partner, then this type of tour would be perfect. Although it’s not as popular compared to other tours in the city, there are a good number of tourists who wanted to enjoy the chills of some places in Prague.

Advance Reservation is Always a Must

Many tourists prefer to enjoy the city through walking tours that you will see them participating in a different tour while in the city. This type of tour is very affordable and slots are often limited so that tourists can always ask questions and learn more. Because of tour’s popularity, talk to your travel agent or hotel. This will help you book a walking tour with your erotic companion in advance.