Dating by the River – Popular River Restaurants in Prague

The Vltava River is a very important body of water for the people of Prague. Aside from the venue for traveling to different parts of the city, the river is also a good source of living for many locals. One of these businesses are beautiful restaurants by the river.  If you are going out with a hot VIP escort in Prague, consider taking her to one of these places for lunch or dinner. Your Prague escort VIP will surely appreciate your effort as you take her to one of the most romantic restaurants in the city.

Zlata Praha Restaurant

If you’re looking for an elegant view of the Vltava River and its nearby attractions, this is the perfect restaurant. The Zlata Praha is known for their international and local cuisine with an amazing backdrop of the river. Since it’s located just across the Old Town, tourists will also have a good view of the old structures in Prague. The restaurant features two large glass windows so that guests can have a good view of the river anywhere they sit in the restaurant. 

Hergetova Cihelna Restaurant

This is one of the best river restaurants in Prague because it’s literally located just beside the river. Tourists can enjoy modern dining right beside the river. The tables are set to get a good view of Charles Bridge and the rest of the Old Town.

Think of Hergetova Cihelna Restaurant as a romantic restaurant where you can enjoy the soft breeze of the river. The restaurant also features romantic live music from time to time which perfectly complements the setting. Hergetova Cihelna Restaurant is not a sophisticated restaurant but it’s good enough to entertain locals and tourists.

Kampa Park Restaurant

Like Hergetova Cihelna, Kampa Park is located just beside the river. It’s also set-up to give guests a good view of Charles Bridge and Old Town. What makes Kampa Park different is that it’s set-up in a beautiful park overlooking the river. This means you get to enjoy the great view of the bridge and the river as well as the remarkable Kampa Park. The restaurant is well known for their wide selection of international and local cuisine. These are the top restaurants offering an amazing view of Vltava River. Make your meeting with a hot escort from Prague memorable by setting up dinner or lunch in one of these romantic restaurants. A great meal in Prague can be easily complemented with a great view of the Vltava River.