Districts to Have a Good Night Rest near Prague

Prague is party city. You can visit the city any time of the year and find a place where the music is loud and the people dance until the sun rises. You can easily find a hot Pragues escort in one of these parties where she’ll eventually give you an intimate and erotic experience. There are also bars with where you can find your beautiful VIP escort Pragues with very little effort.

But even though partying until the early hours of the morning is great idea for fun, it can be exhausting. Most tourists just want to lie down in bed without distractions as soon as possible. Luckily, there are select districts in Prague where tourists can stay without the busy noises of the city but close enough that tourists can easily access the heart of the Prague.


This district in Prague may not be on the list of top tourist attractions in the country, but it has a popular role for Prague. Vinohrady is a residential area where tourists can simply go home and rest with very little or no disturbance from the loud noises in Prague. The structures are reminiscent of the past as you’ll rarely find a home with modern architectural design. Find an apartment or a hostel in Vinohrady if you want to have a good night rest.


This district is a lot closer to downtown than Vinohrady but it doesn’t mean it can’t be a good place to rest for many tourists. Josefov is a former Jewish Quarters in Prague which means it is a place set-up by the government for Jews to live in. But this is no longer the practice and some structures Josefov are now for Bed and Breakfast and hostels.

Josefov is also located in the historic Old Town which is an added bonus for tourists since they can easily visit another tourist destination. Some parts of the Old Town district could have full blast music until the early hours of the morning but guests in Josefov can easily rest because it’s still the quiet are of Old Town district.

Transportation Options

The beauty of these districts is that tourists don’t have to worry about transportation. These places are accessible by train and tourists only need minutes before arriving in the downtown area. You can also hail a taxi but you might have to spend a little bit more than using the subway.