Enjoying Absinthe in Prague
Prague and Czech Republic is a great place to party because of its tolerance on alcohol. Aside from allowing everyone to enjoy some alcohol from time to time, the country also features some of the best breweries in the world. Many Czech Republic models escorts can take you to places where you could enjoy some of the best beer in the country. You could even take some Czech Republic escorts and models to these bars where you start your night with a few bottles of beer or her preferred drink.
If there’s one alcoholic drink in Prague every tourist wants to check out, it’s Absinthe. Although there are breweries in Prague and Czech Republic, Absinthe is still one of the sought after alcoholic drinks simply because of the ban in other countries. Czech Republic, on the other hand, doesn’t see the danger in Absinthe – as long as they are taken in moderation.
The Uniqueness of Absinthe
Absinthe contains 70% to 75% of alcohol – twice the amount of alcohol in regular alcoholic drinks. This means you are practically drinking alcohol with additional ingredients that will cover the actual taste. It’s very strong and it is very dangerous simply because of the high level of alcohol content. The drink comes in green color which will remind of mouthwash but it tastes something entirely different. Because of its color, Absinthe is also called the “Green Fairy.”
Absinthe in History
Until WWI, Absinthe is practically available everywhere in Europe. But it was eventually banned after the war because of its dangerous complications. This hasn’t stopped some of the world’s popular figures from trying the drink. Hemmingway, Van Gogh and Picasso are only some of the popular personalities that enjoyed the strength of Absinthe. Even in ancient times, Absinthe is known as a medicinal cure for rheumatism and flatulence.
How to Drink Absinthe

You don’t just drown Absinthe because it’s too strong and your body might experience dangerous side effects especially on your first drink. You will be served with a glass of Absinthe, an Absinthe spoon and a lump of sugar. The spoon holds the lump of sugar with already mixed with Absinthe. Burn the lump of sugar and let it slide on the glass. Add the rest of the sugar in the glass after the flame dies out. This method of drinking Absinthe will allow you to enjoy the alcoholic drink because of the sugar content. A word of caution: always control your intake of Absinthe because of its fatal consequences.