Enjoying Food in Czech with European Escorts
When in Czech Republic, it’s always impossible to ignore the fast food chains but don’t push yourself to be in these places. One of the best ways to enjoy the country’s culture is to try their food and the Czech Republic offers a very interesting menu for their tourists. What you’ll eat in a local restaurant is very different from what you can get in fast food chains.

Food in Czech Republic is mostly on meat and vegetables. In gist: the menu is not for those who are looking to lose weight. But you’ll be surprised to see how men and women from this country enjoy their meal without any concerns on their belly. Your hot escort from Prague is a perfect example.

Meat with Sauce
Traditional main dish in Czech Republic is very simple: meat smothered with sauce. The sauce can come in different flavors depending on the cook’s preferences. This is also the same for the meat. Your meat could be pork, chicken or beef. Fish could be served as well but they are not frequent. Fish is often served only during Christmas.

But what makes the food more interesting is the side-dish. A regular meal would be impossible without the side dish. The most popular is the dumpling which is basically boiled potato flour. Rice is also a popular side dish. You can also order fries if you want something familiar.

Meat and the side dish are heavily influenced by the sauce which could be placed on the side of the meal or already smothered in your food. This is the reason why you have to be very particular in choosing the sauce as this can make or break or food experience.
Dessert, Soups and Salads

Soup is also a big part of any Czech meal. Onion and garlic soup is very popular but there are other soups you can enjoy such as those based on fish (during Christmas). If you want something spicy look for “Goulash” soup which tastes great and can be best enjoyed with bread. Czechs have also mastered salad preparation because of their expertise in sauce. One unique property of their salad is that they may add sugar to sweeten this course. You may also be surprised with the size of their salad – it is served in big portions that it has become a meal in itself.

Desert should not be missed in Czech Republic. Try their pancakes as they are often meticulously prepared with different toppings. Ice cream, jam and fruits with whipped cream are often added in their pancakes. Fruit dumplings and cakes are also served and they’re a perfect way to end your traditional Czech meal.

Beer is often added to every meal in Czech Republic. The meat in Czech Republic tastes great but it will be even better once they are enjoyed with any local beer. As the country well known for their beer, they have perfected this drink to taste great with your meal.

Aside from enjoying the Czech Republic with a beautiful Prague escort, enjoy their local meal as well. Your escort will be more than happy to guide you through the flavorful food of their country.