Enjoying Swimming under the Summer Sun
Summer is the ideal season for tourists to visit Prague. Aside from a more temperate climate, tourists can actually have some fun under the sun because they can walk the streets of Prague without feeling cold. It’s also a great time to hire a escort in Prague because of the sunny disposition they always give to their customers during this season. Men who hire an escort in Prague often report a happy and satisfying experience because their hot companion gave them the erotic services that they will not forget for a long time.
The best part about summer in Prague is that tourists and locals can finally enjoy some swimming. There are areas inside and outside Prague where everyone can have some fun under the sun. These destinations ideal for swimming has also evolved to become a party place where everyone can also enjoy additional activities during the summer season.
The Beautiful Lakes of Prague

Prague has two lakes: Vodní nádrž Džbán and Hostivař. The former is highly accessible because it’s a reservoir in Praha 6 while the latter is a little bit outside downtown since you still need to ride a tram or a metro. You just have to look for the street called the Výstavní to get to Hostivař. Don’t be surprised if the lakes are not crystal clear because they are still clean. If you’re really concerned, there are also shower areas in both lakes. You can also enjoy some sports activities especially in Hostivař.

Beaches in Prague
Technically, O2 Žluté Lázně is not a beach because it is located in Vltava River. But it’s one of the most popular beach destinations in the city because of the pristine waters of Vltava as well as the additional amenities and activities. There’s a kiddie pool, a volleyball court, basketball ring, climbing wall as well as bars and restaurants tourists can enjoy if they don’t want to soak under the sun. From time to time, a DJ would have a set-up in the riverside for everyone to enjoy.
Swimming Pools

If you’re not interested in getting a tan and you just wanted to enjoy the waters with your hot companion, then consider going to the nearest swimming pool in your hotel. If you’re staying in a popular hotel, there is a big chance that they will have a pool for everyone to enjoy. The city is also full of swimming pools open to the public every summer season.