Enjoying a Great Beer Tour in Dalešice
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Going Out of Prague
If you’re looking for a fun adventure while in Czech Republic, go out of the city for a day or two. There are a lot of places that you can visit which could be enjoyable for you and your hot companion. The advantage of going out with someone to visit the different cities in Prague is that she can be your guide at the same time. She can help you easily find places without spending too much time on the road.
One of the places that you should not miss especially in southern Czech Republic is the small city of Dalešice. The city is relatively popular because of its pristine natural setting very common in small Czech Republic towns. Travel time should be nearly two hours so it’s best that you stay there for the night so that you can rest well with your beautiful companion.
The main attraction of Dalešice aside from their picturesque town is the Dalešice brewery. From the outside, the structure of the building will make you think that it’s just a small factory but the brewery is beautiful in the inside. You and your hot companion can go on a beer tour where you get to have a closer look on how their beer is made.
Aside from the tour itself, you can also enjoy a pint of beer right in the brewery. Although you can always drink beer at the bar, the experience of drinking beer fresh from the brewery is very different. The taste, the aroma and even just the atmosphere is very unique.
The Beer Experience in Czech Republic

The brewery in Dalešice is one of the many mini-breweries you’ll find in Czech Republic. You and your hot companion can easily go on a journey around the country visiting various breweries while enjoying each other.