Enjoying a Hiking Trip in Cesky Raj
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But aside from Prague, there are also other cities in Czech Republic that can give tourists a great time. One of them is the picturesque town of Český Ráj. This beautiful tourist destination is only 50 kilometers from Prague and its less than one hour from by bus or train. The city is located northeast from the city which features an impressive landscape during winter and most especially during summer and spring.
A History in Natural Protection
The beauty of Český Ráj is more than just active tourism by the locals with support from tourists. Český Ráj is the first area declared by the government as protected land. Since 1955, the natural setting of Český Ráj is still the same and only grows a lot more beautiful over time because of protection.
Hiking as an Activity
Český Ráj is well known to locals and tourists as a destination for hiking. From the town center, tourists can easily find markers where they can start their activity. If your companion is very interested in hiking, she will love Český Ráj because it’s practically made for tourists who want to enjoy nature on foot.
Before you proceed to Český Ráj, look for a guide book about the town. The guide book will give you an idea on which places to visit while hiking so that you can get the most out of Český Ráj.
Recommended Places to Visit
During your hike, visit the town’s rock castle. It’s a bit uphill but the view will eliminate your hesitation to visit the place. Another good destination during your hike is the Drábské Světničky which is a very old house built during the 13th century. The structure is considered legendary because many believe that the place was considered home by bandits in the region.

If you have a day or two, get your hiking boots and visit Český Ráj. The beautiful town known as the “Bohemian Paradise” is one of the best places to visit in Czech Republic if you love to be one with nature from time to time.