Fun Activities to Enjoy with Your Hot Companion

Going out with young escort Prague who really knows how to have a good time can be fun experience. You get to enjoy various activities while experiencing Prague escorts sweet kisses as you try out new stuff in Czech Republic. Their youthful enthusiasm not only in your erotic encounters but also in some of the activities you’ll eventually have to try out with them can easily become a memorable experience. But if you get to choose some of the activities while in Prague and its nearby cities, here are some of the few places you can visit with your hot companion:


Although paintball is not one of the most popular sports activities in Czech Republic, it’s a fun activity for everyone especially with the right equipment and setting. There are many paintball facilities in Prague but one that stands out is the Paintball Liberec. It features an outdoor set-up which is a lot better than indoor setting. This paintball facility is located in Doksy in Machovo Lake which provides the perfect background for the games for your hot companion. You may have to travel a little bit but you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the city while anticipating a great game of paintball.

Hiking and Mountain Biking

If you’re into adventure travel, you have to travel south to Oslnovice in the southern Moravia region. This beautiful city is well known for their pristine landscapes which provide a perfect setup for various outdoor activities. Aside from hiking and mountain biking, you can go on swimming in their lakes, fishing and even going on a short cruise. There are also lodges in Oslnovice so you and your hot companion can enjoy nature and each other without having to travel back to the city.

Mini Golf

Even if you’re not into golf, there’s a facility in Hradec Králové that you must visit with your hot companion. The Fomei Golf Centre is one of the most popular sports destinations in the country simply because of the golf course. It’s not your regular 18-hole where you have to be an expert in your long drives. These are mini golf-courses where you and your hot companion can try your skills (or luck) in dealing with various golf courses. These activities will require you to travel a little bit but it’s worth it if you enjoy these with a beautiful, hot companion from Czech Republic.