Privat Escort Czech Pilsen

Pilsen (or Plzen) is a beautiful city located in the western region of Czech Republic. Although a little bit far from the country’s capital, many tourists come here to enjoy some of the interesting historical structures. There are also men who visit the city because they are interested in meeting hot women for companionship. More often than not, these men leave the Pilsen with a wide grin because of the satisfaction and accommodation they received from these girls. While they enjoy the historical structures build in different parts of the city, they are accompanied with a hot escort that also acts as guides.

Enjoying Beer History with Pilsner Urquell Brewery

The name of the city is a clear indication why people visit the place. Pilsen is the regarded as the birthplace of a specific beer brew called “Pilsener” and it all started in this brewery.  While you enjoy the companionship of a beautiful escort, you could visit a historic structure that practically changed the way people enjoy their beer. Tours are conducted almost everyday so tourists should get a good glimpse of the past and the present. Tours are available in different languages so you don’t end up confused about the facts related to this type of brew.

City Gardens

If you’re looking to enjoy some quiet moments with a hot girl from Pilsen, go to the city gardens. While it looks like a regular park, it is regarded as a historical site. The garden was established during the 19th century while the walls that surround it are a remnant of the Old Town. The walls are used to split the garden into different parts and the oldest wall was believed to have been built as early as 12th century. The latest wall was from the 18th century. The walls were used as a defensive barricade.

Tyl Theatre

If you’re interested in performing arts, you will not be disappointed in Pilsen. The Tyl Theatre was built specifically to rival some of the best theaters in the country. But aside from impressive theatre performances from time to time, the theater is also known for its architecture. Featuring neo-Renaissance architecture, it is a perfect example of the predominant design from the late 19th to early 20th centuries.

The city of Pilsen may be associated with beer but it’s not just the place to enjoy a good drink. It’s also a place to enjoy culture and meet beautiful companions while staying in Czech Republic.