Reasons Why You Will Enjoy Music in Prague with Your Eastern European Escort  

Music will always be part of a country’s culture. It’s a form of expression that can be easily understood by anyone even if there’s a language barrier. In Prague, music is more than just a part of their daily lives as music has always been part of their history and has influenced their culture. It’s not easy to separate Prague with music. Even though the city is well known for its architecture, locals in Prague have a high regard and knowledge of music.

From Mozart to Dvorak

One of the greatest testaments of the city’s appreciation to music is none other than Mozart. During his brief stay in the city, he was deeply impressed with the way people react and appreciate his music. His Symphony No. 38 was written in this city and it was dedicated to the people of Prague. Aside from Mozart, the city is also home to various classical musicians notably Antoni Dvorak. Both composers have museums in the city wherein their works and even the objects they used while in the city are on display.

Prague and Jazz

It’s impossible for any tourist to visit Prague and not witness random jazz performances on the street. Tourists will immediately realize from their first day in Prague that the city is very much in love with jazz. Visit Charles Bridge at sundown and you’ll see musicians with various musical influences play. But more often than not, many musicians come here to play jazz. There are even small streets in Prague where you can hear jazz performed from a trumpet by a local. There are even pubs and bars in Prague where you can enjoy a night of jazz music.

Music in Recent History

Prague also has some interesting recent history when it comes to music. During communism, musicians would often paint graffiti in the wall dedicated to John Lennon. Although it was painted clean the next day, another set of graffiti is made on the same night. Local musicians also became the voice of the people against communism that some of them have to get out of the country because of persecution. Another testament of the country’s appreciation of music is through Czech Republic’s first president Vaclav Havel. One of his first orders of business is to invite Frank Zappa. He is also a known fan of Velvet Underground.

Festivals, Festivals and More Music Festivals

There is a music festival in Prague every season. Although they are dedicated to different genres, it just shows that the locals are very fond of music and would often see them live in Prague. Classical concerts are very common in Prague and they are often performed in well known churches, castles and opera houses because of their impressive acoustics. But the biggest festival is the International Jazz Festival which happens every October.

If you’re a music lover or even someone who just likes to listen to music, you will surely like Prague. Your Czech escort will be happy knowing that you can be very appreciative of music.