Relatively Unknown Structures to Visit in Czech Republic

If you’re planning to go out with an escort in Hradec Kralove, consider asking her to take you to some interesting places in the country. A Hradec Kralove escort, just like most companions in Prague and Czech Republic, are very familiar with the country that they can actually become tour guides to some of their patrons.

But aside from asking your hot escort to guide you to interesting places in the country, it’s still nice to know which places to visit in Czech Republic aside from the popular destinations in Prague. While in Czech Republic, check out some of these structures to learn more about the country, its history and culture.


The western façade of Klementinum faces the beautiful and historic Charles Bridge. Originally built as a college by the Jesuits during the 18th century, it is currently one of the largest structures in Prague. Tourists who want to enjoy the castle can easily learn more about the structure because of the guided tour. You and your companion should be able to visit the Chapel of Mirrors as well as the Church of St. Clement. It’s one of the best structures to visit if you want unique interpretation of baroque architecture.

Špilberk Castle

Built during the 13th century, the Špilberk Castle used to be the home of Czech Kings. Located in the beautiful city of Brno, tourists are often taken to the tower to get a great view of the city. The structure is also used as a military fortress and a prison which explains why the structure is also the home of the Museum of Prison Life. Špilberk Castle is also the home of Brno City Museum which constantly displays some of the best art works in the country. Another ideal sight to consider in Špilberk Castle is the 18th century pharmacy known for its unique baroque architecture.

Cathedral of St Barbara

Visit the beautiful city of Kutna Hora and you’ll immediately get a good glimpse of this magnificent structure. Built during the end of 14th century, it is one of largest gothic structures in the country. It’s only rival in Czech Republic is the St. Vitus Cathedral. While some parts were built during the 14th century, it was only during 19th century that some of the areas were completed. Take a good glimpse at the frescoes as well as the eastern terrace which provides a great view of the city.