Shopping for Authentic Czech Crystals

Czech Republic is well known around the world for their high quality crystals. These high-quality crystals are some of the most expensive worldwide because the country has practically transformed the method of making crystals into an art form. If you’re going out with a European escort massage in Prague, one of the best gifts you can give to her is the locally made crystals. Your massage escort in Prague will truly appreciate the gesture and she’ll make sure you have a wonderful time with her.

But you don’t just purchase the first Czech Crystal you see in Prague. While there are a good number of crystal shops in the city, it is possible that some of them are not authentic. Some businesses are too pushy for their products that they actually sell something sub-standard or do not have the quality of a true Czech crystal.

The History of Czech Crystals

Crystals in Czech Republic have been in production since the 17th century. It was through the order of King Rudolf II that the first crystals were cut in the country. These were “mountain crystals” as these are crystals naturally found in mountains of Czech Republic. Eventually, the art of cutting crystals became the art of creating something beautiful and unique out of the material. Crystal making was later fused with glass making which allowed glass and crystal artists to make something even more beautiful with the materials. The current method in manufacturing crystals is greatly identified on how glasses are made in Czech Republic.

Glass vs. Crystals

At first glance, there is very little difference that a regular buyer can assume on glasses and crystals. But in Czech Republic, crystals are different from glasses in two very important factors. These factors are also used by smart shoppers to identify if the crystal is really authentic:

  • Weight – crystals are significantly heavier than glasses. The reason for the increase in weight is the lead content in crystals is higher. Lead content in crystals is at least 24% and you’ll even find stores that sell high quality crystals which means the lead content easily reaches 30%/
  • Prism – place the crystal in direct sunlight and it should display multiple rainbows.

Czech crystals can be a great gift for your hot companion. It’s also a good souvenir for tourists who want to have the best in Czech Republic especially with crystals because of their long history of artistic involvement.