Visiting Various Places With Blonde Escort Prague GFE 

One of the best ways to enjoy the beauty of Czech Republic is to visit its various places with an escort Prague GFE or girlfriend experience. A beautiful companion at your side will make sure that the places you visit are not only a reminder of history and culture but also to enjoy companionship. It is also important to remember that GFE escorts in Prague are very familiar of the city and some places in the country. Aside from giving their companions the memorable experience, they could also become guides to different interesting places in Czech Republic, especially in Prague.

The Prague Castle

Every tourist in Czech Republic should dedicate a day in visiting this massive structure. One of the biggest castles in the world, the Prague Castle has an area of more than 70,000 square meters with more than 550 meters in height. It usually takes hours to go through different interesting points in the castle but each area offers something interesting. Some of the areas in the castle are dedicated to art while others offer a glimpse of the past. Some points also provide an amazing view of the city especially the churches.

The Charles Bridge

Tourists unfamiliar with Charles Bridge would immediately dismiss the area because it’s just another structure that connects two places separated by water. But the Charles Bridge is more than that – tourists and locals constantly frequent this area because it’s a sight to behold in itself. Different statues are scattered in different places of the bridge and restaurants are found everywhere. You can have a date here and enjoy a nice evening with local music.

St. Vitus Cathedral

If a visit to Prague Castle could be too intimidating because of its size, the next best destination is the St. Vitus Cathedral. The church is considered one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture in Europe. Impressive works of art made by well known Czech artists also found their home in this amazing cathedral.  The place is often packed with tourists as the cathedral is open to everyone with no admission fee.

Fred and Ginger

Also known as the “Dancing Building”, the Fred and Ginger building features a unique architectural design. From afar, the structure looks like it’s moving but a close-up would reveal an impressive architectural feat with the use of curvature. There’s a restaurant in the rooftop which is an ideal place to enjoy the afternoon because of its impressive city view.